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Rules of Softball


***This is a great read on how to approach softball mentally!




***Below you will find a link that explains the rules and the game of softball. This is a great guide for those that are trying out or interested in softball.



Drill #1 - How to hit a softball

Drill #2 - Hand Drill/Fielding (Tennis ball - hand eye coordination)

Drill #3 -Softball Base running drills

Drill #4 - Pitching #1

Drill #5 - Pitching #2

Does not have a link but use Drill #4 to look back on drill

Drill #6 - Pop-ups ( How to track the ball)


Here is a video and explanation of some of the stretches we would do before a practice or game

This video will help you with hand and body position

Here is a video called the “Star Drill” you can do with or without a ball. This video will help you with your footwork while playing in the infield.

Here is a video to help you work on your hitting at home without a bat! If you do not have a ball use a pair of socks rolled up.

This book is a great read.  I myself have read this book front to back about 5 times.  The book gives great examples and explains the most important part of baseball that most people do not work on.  For less than $5 I highly recommend getting a used edition.

Here is a cool workout video specific for baseball, give it a try and make any modifications you need to complete it successfully.
Here is a website that talks about the basics of being a catcher with a few key drills and things to remember, while playing this position. (Some say this is the hardest position to play, but the most valuable on the diamond.)
(if you do not have a person to throw to you during this drill, find a flat surface and throw to yourself.)
Below is a video of some easy drills to do for infielders. This will show you different ways to approach a ground ball and how to properly field the ball.
Below is a video that will show you three helpful drills that will improve your swing and overall hitting.

Outfielder Drills - Receiving and Throwing


Outfield Footwork Drills