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Student Portal Help Page

Welcome to the Student Portal Help Page!
If you are a new student in grades 5-8 requesting access to your Student Portal account OR if you need help resetting your password, select the email below for your grade-level school counselor.
Helpful Tips:
- Click on the link and a new tab will open with an email addressed to your counselor.
- Fill in the subject line (for example, Student Portal Login or Reset Password).
- Write a message requesting your login information or help resetting your password.
- Include your first and last name at the bottom of the message. 
Your counselor will reply with the requested information as soon as possible.
Grade 5 - Mrs. Rhome - [email protected]
Grades 6-8 - Ms. Villaruz - [email protected]
Important Notes
Your username never changes.  It will always be 8 numbers, beginning with 1920 and ending with your 4-digit school ID.  For example, if my student ID number was 1234, then my Student Portal username would be 19201234.
All new users will receive a temporary password.  When you sign into the Student Portal for the first time, you will be required to create a new password.  Choose a password that will be easy to remember.  Record your new password in a safe place and NEVER share your password with others!
*See the attachments below for additional help with the Student Portal.