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Netflix Advisory - Please Read

May 1, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians:

I would like to inform you about a new Netflix Series that is currently very popular among the teenage population.  The young adult novel “13 Reasons Why” was released in 2007 and can now be found on Netflix as a television series.  The show is based on a teenager who commits suicide and leaves behind thirteen tapes that record why she decided to end her life.  The show depicts very serious issues which include cyberbullying, unhealthy relationships, drug use and rape.  Due to the graphic nature of the series, Netflix has rated it as TV-Mature.

This series is being accessed by middle school students in our district.  We highly recommend that you monitor the viewing of this series, if indeed, your child has access to it.

The American Psychological Association states:  “We do not recommend that vulnerable youth, especially those who have any degree of suicidal ideation, watch this series.  Its powerful storytelling may lead impressionable viewers to romanticize the choices made by the characters.  While many youths are resilient and capable of differentiating between a TV drama and real life, engaging in thoughtful conversations with them about the show is vital.”

Thank you for your attention to this very serious and important issue.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to our school counselors if you have any questions.  Inserted below are a few helpful links for your review.




Miguel Hernandez, Ed.D.

Acting Principal

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