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Welcome to the Office for Student Affairs! 

Code of Conduct


  • Administrative Detention: Students who fail to adhere to the Haledon Public School Code of Conduct can be assigned administrative detention at the discretion of the vice principal and classroom teacher. Detention runs daily from 2:55 –3:25 p.m. in room 104.
  • Saturday School: Students that demonstrate an inability to follow the Haledon Public School Code of Conduct can be required to attend the Haledon Character Education Program. These Character Education class convene on Saturday mornings from 7:00 – 11:00 a.m. in the Haledon Public School Library/Media Center.
  • Suspension: Students that demonstrate a sustained inability to adhere to the Haledon Public School Code of Conduct can be subject to Out-of-School suspension at the discretion of the district administration.

Character Education:

In a sustained effort to educate the whole child, students are fully engaged in the district’s Character Education Program. The program is directly infused into the daily academic curriculum. In addition, the district sponsors daily whole-school journal writes and classroom discussions focusing directly on desired character traits.

Free and Reduced Lunch

The State of New Jersey requires that all students must fill out a family lunch application, regardless of whether they intend to apply for free or reduced lunch status.  The lunch application is confidential.  Additional verification of financial status may be needed.

Assemblies and Class Trips

Throughout the year, various assembly programs and field trips are arranged to enhance the academic curriculum and classroom activities. Students are afforded many opportunities to participate in these educationally sound and age-appropriate programs; however, these activities are considered to be privileges. As such, students that demonstrate an inability to adhere to the district’s behavioral and character expectations may be restricted from participating in these programs. It is the responsibility of each student to fulfill the district’s expectations in order to reap the benefits of the many privileges afforded to our student body.

Student of the Month

Each marking period outstanding students are recognized as Students of the Month. Faculty members take academic records, behavior, and attendance into consideration when choosing these high performing students. This program is an excellent way to recognize and reward our many exceptional students.

Resources for Struggling Students

There are several options to support students who may need assistance beyond the regular curriculum:

  • Basic Skills Instruction:  Students whose annual test results are below proficient are placed into the Basic Skills Instruction (BSI) program.  These students receive additional academic support from Basic Skills teachers, the MASH program, and Summer School.
  • Intervention & Referral Services:  The I&RS committee is comprised of teachers, administrators, and other professional educators who are available to assist any staff member who requests assistance in supporting a student, whether academically, socially, or physically.
  • 504 Plan:  A 504 plan may be implemented for students with documented physical difficulties that impact their learning potential.  A 504 plan is written for each student's individual circumstance and may be modified as needed.
  • Guidance Office:  The Guidance Office is staffed with two professional counselors who are available to all students, staff, and parents throughout the school day.
  • Child Study Team:  Children with exceptional learning difficulties may be evaluated by the Child Study Team specialists in order to determine whether an Individual Education Plan is needed.