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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Haledon Public School District is to provide students with the ability to take their place in society as healthy, active and productive participants, by providing the best possible education for the total development of the child, both academically and socially.


Each student is afforded the opportunity to develop an awareness of and be educated in all aspects of individual, group and societal growth and development.


Core Beliefs 

  1. We at Haledon Public School will share responsibility between students, parents (family), educators, and the community because it is critical for the success of the students.
  2. We at Haledon Public School will have teachers who facilitate rigorous learning experiences using multiple pathways and best practices to ensure scholar mastery of the grade level common core standards. We must hold high expectations for our students and ourselves.
  3. We at Haledon Public School will ensure that all students will obtain the skills to become lifelong learners in the 21st century.
  4. We at Haledon Public School will teach students to become responsible and self-motivated learners and act in an ethical and responsible manner to reach their highest potential.
  5. We at Haledon Public School will change the world one child at a time.