English Language Learners

ESL Program Overview

Haledon is home to a diverse population with more than 48% of the student population speaking a second language.  Over 25 languages are spoken by Haledon students and their families. Students with limited English language proficiency are provided with instruction and support in order to function successfully in an academic setting Three full-time ESL teachers are on staff to offer instruction to English Language Learners (ELLs) for at least two periods per school day. The program stresses daily communication skills, along with academic  reading, writing, and speaking.  The Haledon School does not offer bilingual instruction.

Entrance Procedures

Students enrolling in the Haledon Public School, parents must complete  a home language survey.  Information provided by parents includes the language spoken at home, country of birth, and the length of time in the United States. Based on this information  and the student’s level of English proficiency, students may be referred into the ESL program. 

Exit Procedures

The English language proficiency of students in the ESL program is evaluated by using the state-established cutoff scores on the IPT and ACCESS for ELLS. Students will have met exit requirements and additional multiple measures in order to exit the ESL program. 

ESL Homework Club

 ELLs  in grades K-8 receive one-on-one support with homework and projects from their content area/grade level classes in the a.m. 

Adult Classes

The Haledon Public School offers classes in English as a Second Language and Citizenship to the Haledon community.  Classes begin in January and offer three levels of instruction:  beginner, intermediate, and advanced.