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Program Overview

General Music

  • The general music program is a part of the regular school curriculum and is designed to educate students in all aspects of music and to improve their ability to respond to the world around them.  They are taught to read music, to identify and play basic instruments, and to have a general appreciation and understanding of all different styles of music.

Vocal Music

  • The vocal music program consists of a chorus open to any student in grade 5-8.  They perform two or three concerts a year, and work on good, consistent ensemble and solo singing.  The students work to expand their vocal range and their song repertoire, as well as their ability to sing in multiple parts.  All choral students are expected to attend rehearsals after school and to bring a note if they are going to miss a practice.

Instrumental Music

  • The current instrumental music program at Haledon Public School began on January 2001 and has grown steadily.  The school maintains an inventory of musical instruments that are available free of charge to any student in grade 5-8 that is interested in learning to play.  Classes are offered in clarinet, flute, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and percussion.  Students receive weekly group lessons and are expected to perform in one of our two bands (Junior band and Wildcat band). 

Expectations for Participants

Students who choose to participate in either the chorus or the instrumental music programs are expected to attend all lessons and rehearsals and to perform in the announced concerts during the school year.  Any academic work that is missed during the scheduled lessons must be made up.  Students who are entrusted with a school instrument are expected to keep it safe and in good repair.

Concert Dress and Behavior

Concert dress for chorus and band consists of white shirts and black pants or skirts.  Students are expected to attend all performances, to be on time to all rehearsals, and to behave properly.

Click Here to view the Haledon Public School Chorus Calendar and Information about rehearsals and performances.