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Reading Levels

Do you know how well your child reads?  We do!
HPS Reading Levels
Teachers at Haledon Public School assess each K-8 student's reading level formally three times per year and informally whenever needed. This is a one-on-one process with the teacher that involves the student reading a book that they have never read before. The teacher takes notes, keeps a record of what kind of mistakes are made, asks comprehension questions, and matches the student's skills to a reading level.
The graphic above shows the range of reading levels that most students achieve in each grade.  Remember, though, that every child is different and may be working at a different pace, whether it's faster or slower.  That's okay!  Just knowing what skills a child has and what skills they still need to acquire are very helpful to the teachers, who can then design the best plan for success.
You can find your child's Independent Reading Level information on each report card.  The pdf below will help you understand what skills are expected at each level..  Ask your teachers how you can help!